Diane Rosenblum

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In the series Clouds for Comment Diane Rosenblum makes dramatic images of cloudscapes.  Posting her photographs in social media such as the Comment Comment Comment group on Flickr, Rosenblum invites interaction.  Viewers post their thoughts on the photos, sometimes profound, insightful, and erudite, sometimes flippant or banal.  Comments range from, “like the idea, but the sky is slightly uninspiring...keep an eye out for a more interesting sky :)”, to “_...- =. dramatic . =- ..._”, “Intentionally blinding people?”, “I like the colors, but composition is ordinary.”, “Yep. That's a good one & not a cliché", and “I'm not sure there really is a crop that can rescue this photo.”   Rosenblum then overlays the comments directly onto her photographs.