In her series Clouds for Comment Diane Rosenblum makes dramatic photographs of clouds.  Posting her photographs in social media such as the Comment Comment Comment group on Flickr, she invites interaction.  Viewers post their thoughts on the photos, sometimes profound, insightful, and erudite, sometimes flippant or banal.  Comments range from, “like the idea, but the sky is slightly uninspiring...keep an eye out for a more interesting sky :)”, to “I like the colors, but composition is ordinary”, “this is so pretty I want to lick it”, and “I'm not sure there really is a crop that can rescue this photo.”   Rosenblum superimposes the text comments directly on her large prints.                                                                                                                                     

This is So Pretty I Want to Lick It

the colors are really quite pleasing

the clouds feel almost 3D to me :-)

the tiny white spot on the top of the hill... just the slightest distraction

Some excellent colours but Im not sure about the composition- it seems too top-heavy.

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A different crop/different angle would definitely be an enhancement.
I like this one for its exquisite intensity.
Wow awesome colours, luv it
I'm not a fan of the black, black clouds and unfortunately that's what is dominating this shot.
Amazing colours and tones: a picture that behaves almost like a painting.
the detail of the lamp creates a strong distraction. I'm sorry!
I am glad that you included the lamp posts at the bottom right as although they are very minimal they give a reference point for scale.

Only bad thing I would have to say, is that one cloud in the foreground top left, it was out of your control

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Le ciel est magique, et fait me se penser a certaines peitntures anciennes