Diane Rosenblum and Joe Doyle, as R&D, are extending the bounds of abstract painting, using computer based manipulation to push, pull and warp the picture plane. R&D paintings make viewers want to reach out and touch the canvas to see if what their eyes tell them is real.  These colorful paintings are a new development in abstraction, bringing the illusionary world of computer-derived space tto hard-edge painting.   R&D artworks intrigue and delight people with their stripes that buldge, ripple, and twist subtly encourage new ways of thinking and being.


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Collaborations among visual artists are rare, especially between a man and a woman a generation apart.  Joe Doyle was the leading West Coast painter of the Abstract Illusionist movement.  Diane Rosenblum came of age as digital technology was integrating into the classroom, and she was in the first generation to play computer games as a child and learn programming in high school.  


R&D came about when after 30 years as a painter, Joe Doyle began experimenting with large format inkjet printing in combination with 3D modeling software.   Diane Rosenblum saw Joe’s progress and got excited about this new work.  In a continuing dialogue Diane made many suggestions about composition and color, and eventually Joe suggested that they collaborate.  They have been working together ever since.


The stripe paintings represent one line of their collaboration.  They have also developed a line of photographs modified with 3D imaging, and a line of more organic abstractions.